The Free Association was an experiment which seems to have run its course.

We mostly emerged from the ashes of Class War (some background to our history can be found here) and over a period of 15 years we operated variously as a reading group, a writing machine, an affinity group and more. Loosely based in Leeds, England, we sometimes gave the impression of being tight-knit, acting and thinking in close concert with each other. Other times we were more of a network, expanding and contracting as the need arose. Along the way we produced a number of articles and interventions, most of which are included in our anthology, Moments of Excess.

The Free Association was a collective attempt to make sense of the world we find ourselves in – and to act on that understanding. That task continues of course, mostly in other forms, and we may yet freely associate as The Free Association again. In the meantime we’re parking this site here in case any of our collected writings, ramblings and piss-takes are useful to a wider audience. Needless to say, we haven’t abandoned the perspective that underpins everything we wrote about here – how could we when it is inscribed in our very flesh?

We can still be contacted here.

See you on the streets x